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Thanks to streamlined business digitalisation, you are given the tools you need to advance your operations. In addition to ensuring a simpler approach, you can easily find shippers by fully embracing the digital transition. This cutting-edge strategy lowers manual workload, reduces mistakes, and sets your company up for future success in the digital era.

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With CargoNect, finding new customers is simple. Our cutting-edge platform speeds up your outreach and ensures you successfully interact with prospective customers. It's a game-changer for enterprises, enabling quick client portfolio growth and helping you advance in today's market environment.

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CargoNect proudly partners with Start it @ ČSOB, a leading acceleration program that fuels innovative startups.



In the realms of bakery and dairy, Semix shines with its expertise in producing cereals and processing poppy seeds, leveraging unique technology to craft a diverse range of products.



A distinguished name in freight forwarding, Tardigrad specialises in providing temperature-controlled solutions on a global scale, ensuring quality and precision with every shipment.



MARLENKA is a modern company that keeps dynamically evolving and continues to expand the range of its products and export them across the whole world.

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