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With CargoNect, you can compare and book rates from freight forwarders around the globe, all within a single platform.

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Request, compare, and book quotes at CargoNect - your one-stop shop. Enjoy the simple decision-making process without going through dozens of tabs. Request your quote now and start the shipping process today!

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With our cutting-edge digital interface, CargoNect redefines the user experience while providing easy navigation. Our intuitive design helps users smoothly navigate the dashboard and use all the platform's great features.

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The platform offers shippers a one-stop shop for all their logistical needs. Here, you can quickly request quotations, carefully compare them and choose the one that closely matches your unique needs. Experience a smooth and effective booking process at every stage.

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CargoNect proudly partners with Start it @ ČSOB, a leading acceleration program that fuels innovative startups.



In the realms of bakery and dairy, Semix shines with its expertise in producing cereals and processing poppy seeds, leveraging unique technology to craft a diverse range of products.



A distinguished name in freight forwarding, Tardigrad specialises in providing temperature-controlled solutions on a global scale, ensuring quality and precision with every shipment.



MARLENKA is a modern company that keeps dynamically evolving and continues to expand the range of its products and export them across the whole world.

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